Join us as we evolve into a community for rescuers by rescuers, detailing how to use technology & social media to help animals live their best lives. 

Prince, pictured here is a Rottweiler, American Staffordshire “pup" (sometimes deemed “pitbulls”). He was rescued from a high-kill shelter, he is special needs and gets scared easily. He is safe and secure and has been a loving family member to Donna O'Leary (pictured here) for many years.
Read below to learn more as Donna & Prince provide info on how we may be able to help you and your rescue.
"Empowering People Helping Animals Live Their Best lives..."
- Donna O'Leary
Why: The Animals 
BigPaw came into being as a surprise of sorts, an unplanned epiphany, which in hindsight makes perfect sense. There are so many kind-hearted people that love animals and want to help rescues – rescue animals and rescue organizations. Technology can improve anything it touches provided you understand it and leverage it properly. 

Technology & Social Media + Animals = More Animals Live Their Best Lives.  

That’s the goal.

And so BigPaw was born, with a big heart and an even bigger dream to Empower People Helping Animals Live Their Best Lives.

This is just the beginning, the concept and pilot stages. We will establish a community, and provide content that enriches lives and empowers rescues to thrive. 

Tackling the often baffling topics of technology and social media, making sure you know you are not alone, providing guidance and content, connecting subject matter experts and providing a supportive community to the animal rescuers that do so much, for so many. 

Being an animal rescuer is not easy, we will find ways to support, empower, guide and educate - as well as be guided and be educated about what animal rescuers need most.

Join us on this journey, sign up now for the waiting list and learn more as the community evolves.

Chapter 1: So It Begins .. 
An animal lover, probably from birth, over the years I worked and studied several topics relentlessly, achieving a few degrees, including one in Zoology. I excelled at technology and settled into a career path and role as a Chief Information Officer, transforming organizations through technology use.

My superpower and hobby, however, has always been rescuing animals. The empathy and passion I have for animals in need transcends anything else in life.

I joined the Click Funnels community, a passionate, rag-tag group of folks from all corners of the globe. Their common thread is a collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit, an eagerness to use Digital Marketing technology to achieve their goals – and just enough craziness to call their shot and make it happen!

At the time, I thought I planning for my retirement to keep me busy. Little did I know my goals were about to change ... suddenly, in such a big and unexpected way. …. Queue the Epiphany

Chapter 2: The Epiphany ...
Like many people, my passion and free time have always been helping animals! Animals are an incredible source of unconditional love and they teach us so much about life.

If you’ve done it, then you know - nothing surpasses the sheer sense of bliss one gets when you truly help an animal. With this knowledge, the goal is to help others experience this joy and in turn, help even more animals.

So, in hindsight, was this an epiphany or was it inevitable?

What Happened? 
I attended Funnel Hacking Live, a preeminent digital marketing and professional development conference. My notes from day one spoke about attending alone, having worked too much before I arrived, leaving me feeling a bit disconnected and not sure what to expect as a rookie – and then it happened.

Giant chalkboards surrounded the merch tables and folks were encouraged to write, draw, visualize, and document goals.

I had a kind of out-of-body experience as I picked up the chalk and wrote “ – Helping Animals & People”. 

Small act, small text, but wow the impact was anything but small. 

I took a couple of steps back, there were thousands of people in attendance, and the noise of the hustle and bustle of a conference is unmistakable – usually. Yet, in this surreal moment, I felt as if I were standing there all alone, in silence. 

I heard myself say, what the hell are you doing ?  And just like that, I was awash with a sense of calm and confidence and I told myself, OK OK, you’re right, it’s time; OK, that’s what we are doing then. Help those that need help now. 

And so it was, just like, that the plans for BigPaw began.

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